Chocolate Dipped Oreos

$ 13.00

Yes We Said Oreos

And Yes! They're Brand Name. Duh.

Our stoners from the kitchen strike again! This time we've dipped brand name Oreos in, as always, our fine 70% dark chocolate! (NO, we don't use the fake Oreos, we know they don't compare to the real thing) Ok now we've got that settled... Oreo has branched from their classic cookie and now offers all sorts of flavors for the varied marketplace of today.  We've taken advantage of that and will dunk just about any flavor Oreo in chocolate! Tah dah!

Our most popular flavors are as follows: 

• Original --- Well.... What can you say about a classic

• Mint --- They taste like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie

• Red Velvet --- Just as decadent as you'd imagine. And very sweet!

• Golden --- A perfect balance of the dark side and the light side!


*Our oreos come in a brown craft bag - unless otherwise requested! With an 8 count of cookies to devour (Please dismiss shipping weight at .5 lbs - it may run just around or over that!)

Our confections contain soy, and MAY contain Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. Please advise us if anyone in your party had a food allergy.