Almond Butter Crunch

$ 14.00

Hands Down Our Best Seller!

  Always Has...

    Always Will Be...

Almond Butter Crunch is a wonderous thing. And it's makes people ask, "what the heck is in this? I couldn't stop eating it!" Our reply is "What if we told you the #1 ingredient is love?" 

Well love is an ingredient figuratively. But in reality this stuff can be very temperamental. If the Almond Butter Crunch doesn't have everything just right, it will blow the entire operation! I mean literally, we can't be positive until it's time for packaging if the butter crunch below has taken to and accepted the chocolate layer on top. If it doesn't - we need to start all over again. Weather temperatures, cooking time, and attention causes each batch that comes out to be slightly different. Hence the main ingredient - love. Because we're no strangers to the term "labor of love."

Ok so what's the full run down? This is a crunchy, buttery, hard almond toffee cooked in small batches with 70% dark chocolate spooned over top. A light dusting of roasted almonds is sprinkled on top that and we get our finished product!  

8 oz. 

Our confections contain soy, and MAY contain Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. Please advise us if anyone in your party had a food allergy.