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Wherever Possible - We Proudly Source Local 

mv sea salt  logo

We add a hint of salt to a lot of our recipes because it adds depth to the flavor profile. Our featured salt comes from the island operated MV Sea Salt. Our friends at MV Sea Salt have quickly grown on island to have their products - natural and flavored - at retailers and restaurants alike!


pie in the sky logo woods holepie in the sky woods hole cafe

 Another local ingredient we depend on are the freshly roasted Organic Espresso Beans from Woods Hole's favorite cafe: Pie in the Sky! We use their beans in our Sea Salted Espresso Beans. Pie in the sky is a welcoming cafe for islander's awaiting a homeward bound trip from the Woods Hole ferry!  

cranberry growers cape cod logo


Have you ever tasted a Cape Cod Cranberry? They are 30% more plump than the leading name brand, pack more true flavor, and are harvested by local farmers! We live just across the pond from the famous cranberry bogs that are sprinkled across the cape and southern MA. Our Chocolate Covered Cranberries are delightful and we attribute that to the berry inside!