Chocolate Covered Malted Milk Balls

$ 13.00

It's about time this old school candy got a face lift, and we are the ones on a mission to do just that!

To start, Malt balls are already an acquired taste and we get that. You either love them or hate them. That's fair. But since any malted milk ball you've ever had was made with low quality milk chocolate and covered in so much edible wax it's a wonder how anyone likes them at all! Alas! This is where we come in.

Obviously, we've cut the milk chocolate out of the equation and substituted our fine 70% cacao dark chocolate. But we don't stop here. The malt ball is panned as soon as the package is opened so they are as crisp and fresh as if they were just baked. And finally we left out all that wax unlike those Easter Egg malt balls which hit the shelves seasonally... This allows for a pure simple flavor complex and honestly it couldn't be done better!


What's the final product?

The best Damn Malt Ball you've ever had!


8 oz. 

Our confections contain soy, and MAY contain Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. Please advise us if anyone in your party had a food allergy.