Chocolate Covered MV Sea Salted Almonds

$ 13.00

Something Salty and Sweet...

The #1 seller of our panned chocolates: something salty and sweet. Our almonds are roasted with a touch of MV Sea Salt - harvested from Vineyard waters - and then smothered in our fine 70% cacao dark chocolate. You certainly can't eat just one and you better buy a few extra bags for friends!

Better yet, these have been used as peace offerings for babysitters, pet, or house sitters given by those who travel to the island and have to leave someone behind. Any headache they incurred from the chaos you left them with will always melt away when you hand them a bag of these suckers and a big thank you.

They're just a crowd pleaser - what can we say...


8 oz.

Our confections contain soy, and MAY contain Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. Please advise us if anyone in your party had a food allergy.