Enchanted Chocolates

Enchanted Chocolates is a family run business dedicated to the quality of our products and satisfaction of our clientele.  Every chocolate & confection is handcrafted using only fine 70% cacao chocolate.  Enchanted Chocolates are made daily in our certified kitchen with magick & love!

Our Best Sellers

  1. -Almond Butter Crunch

  2. -Pirate Food

  3. -Stoner Food

Almond Butter Crunch
Our most requested confection, our homemade butter crunch coated with fine 70% cacao chocolate and sprinkled with lightly roasted almonds. 8 oz


Peppermint Bark
This holiday favorite is made with 70% cacao chocolate and topped with just the right amount of peppermint candies! 8 oz.Available Yuletide Season only.  $11.00


Our 70% cacao chocolate, hand dropped and then covered with classic white or holiday colored non-pareil seeds. An old fashioned treat!  $11.00


Chocolate Turtles
Pecans smothered with our homemade caramel and topped with rich dark chocolate!  Packaged in our kraft gift package with window.  $12.00


Chocolate Fudge
Our delicious fudge is made with fresh cream, sugar and lots of chocolate. 8 oz.

Seasonal- available during the summer months and Thanksgiving throughYuletide.  Packaged in a kraft fudge box with window.  $7.00


Chocolate Covered Ginger
Ginger slices hand dipped in 70% cacao chocolate. 8 oz.  $11.00

Almond Bark
Hand cut bars of 70% cacao chocolate mixed with fresh roasted almonds. 8 oz.  $11.00

Cranberry Bark

Our 70% cacao chocolate loaded with fresh local Cape Cod Cranberries in hand cut squares.   8 oz.


Martha’s Vineyard Chocolate Sand Bar
Our own handcrafted design with decorative scallops on its corners and a beautiful outline of Martha's Vineyard in it's center.  70% cacao sprinkled on the bottom with a wee bit of brown sugar for a sandy effect- to conjure up a day at the beach.  4 oz.



Chocolate Runes
Our full set of Elder Futhark Runes of 25 hand molded runes. Divine your future, use for spell-casting, offerings or just enjoy!



Chocolate Offerings
Food of the Goddesses! Our own beautiful chocolate pentacles packed in a witches dozen. Use as offerings or perfect for love or money spells. 13 ct.



Love Spell Chocolates

These chocolate hearts are handmolded and hand wrapped and enhanced with spices. Chocolate, cinnamon, and cardamom have long been considered aphrodisiacs. Serve to lover and spice up the night!


Stoner Food
Pretzel rods dipped in our caramel, 70% cacao chocolate, then topped with Almond Butter Crunch crumble and a dash of sea salt. Packaged in a windowed 2 piece kraft box.  8 oz. 

The name speaks for itself,,,



Pirate Food

Our Sea Salt Caraaargmels are long simmered, hand funneled, 

dipped in 70% cacao chocolate then finally sprinkled with sea

salt for a delicious combination!  Packaged in a windowed 2 piece

kraft box.  8 oz.

non pareils
sea turtles
almond bark
chocolate runes
chocolate pentacles
enchanted love spell chocolates
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(508) 693-8331

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Chocolate Slut Mugs

Everyone knows “someone” that this mug is perfect for.  The

back reads Enchanted Chocolates Martha’s Vineyard with our

new moon logo in between.

martha's vineyard chocolates bars
martha's vineyard chocolates bars
martha's vineyard chocolate bar
chocolate slut mug
martha's vineyard chocolate bar

Keep it Real Hot Chocolate

Ground 70% cacao chocolate, ground madagascar vanilla bean and a bit of sugar.  The perfect off season treat!  9.1 oz.


martha's vineyard chocolates bars
martha's vineyard chocolates bars
keep it real hot chocolate

Prosperity Chocolates

Invoke Mercury God of Magick, Commerce, speed & luck to attract business success and good fortune into your life. The magickal properties of chocolate, gold & mint all combine to draw the power of money in a delicious spell!


martha's vineyard chocolate bar
pirate food sea salted caramels
prosperity chocolates

                      Martha’s Vineyard

              Nutty Islander Chocolate Bar

Lots of Roasted almonds and 70% cacao chocolate are combined for this best selling bar.  Hand funneled into our own custom mold featuring Martha’s Vineyard island and scallops in the corner.  4 oz.

Made on a Mac

Chocolate Witch Mug

Kathleen’s favorite mug .  The back reads Enchanted Chocolates Martha’s Vineyard with our new moon logo in between.


Mustache Lollipop

We like this fun lollipop so much that we made it for

Louis & Amandines’wedding.  Sure to bring a smile.

Tied with seasonal ribbon.  .7 oz.